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February 2016 Archives

Understanding the legal side of shareholder disputes in Ohio

When an Ohio company is initially formed, a decision must be made concerning how that company will be structured. There are multiple options available, so the involved parties must carefully weigh the positives and negatives associated with each option to determine which structure best fits their business's current needs while allowing its future growth. For many, the best option is the creation of a business that allows for multiple shareholders. The only drawback to this structure is that any company with shareholders has the potential for shareholder disputes to arise in the future.

Do you need business organization help for your new business?

Are you preparing to start a new business in Ohio? If so, it is likely that you have a lot of questions and concerns related to your new venture. Many of those questions are likely the ones people enjoy pondering, such as "What will I name my business?" or "What should my logo be?" Unfortunately, starting a business is not all about answering the 'fun' questions. Instead, much of it is about answering the important questions, such as "What type of business organization do I need to form?"

Promising projections for commercial real estate market in Ohio

The recession that began in 2008 hit real estate hard in Ohio and across the entire country. Commercial real estate vacancies increased and construction and rental rates fell. Finally, industry observers are projecting a recovery in all three areas.

A breach of contract can negatively impact your business

Business owners in Ohio understand that they will likely face contract disputes at some time during the course of doing business. Unfortunately, many of these disputes are the result of parties not living up to the promises they made in contractual agreements. When a breach of contract occurs and parties are unable to resolve their issues, contract disputes are often filed by the aggrieved parties.

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