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Your Guide Through Dispute Resolution

At Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC, we are prepared to protect your interests in litigation. Litigation is not always the best resolution in disputes. It can tax any company’s resources. Further, a trial will place the outcome of a given matter in a judge’s hands, creating uncertainty. In many situations, alternative methods of dispute resolution can save money and preserve relations between the parties.

Northeastern Ohio Mediation And Arbitration Attorneys

We will help you explore dispute resolution alternatives that might better serve your company’s purposes and objectives, including:

  • Arbitration — This process allows an arbitrator to make a final decision in the dispute after both parties have presented a case and evidence supporting their argument.
  • Mediation — This form of negotiation allows both parties to arrive at an agreement that is facilitated by a third-party mediator.

Should you decide to mediate or arbitrate, we will knowledgeably navigate the process. You will be provided the information to make the best possible decisions needed to protect your priorities.

We provide tailored solutions and counsel. Our lawyers understand your business, its long-term goals and the priorities you have for it. It is our business to help your business grow through the most effective resolutions possible.

Contact Our Cleveland Dispute Resolution Attorneys

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options, please contact our law firm today at 440-446-1100.