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When does the Uniform Commercial Code apply to a contract?

If you do business in the state of Ohio, you likely deal with contracts. Depending on the nature of the transaction, the applicable law can be either the original, common-law based structure or the more recent Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as it has been adopted by this state. But how do you know which body of law governs your agreement?

What is an integration clause?

Negotiating a contract between two businesses can become a drawn-out process, and it is not uncommon for the parties to the agreement to have held multiple meetings in which proposed terms were discussed or written down, oral understandings were exchanged, or even a memorandum of understanding put together before multiple drafts of the agreement itself are passed back and forth. Sometimes even the last, signed version of the contract may still be subject to different interpretations, which has led to the question of what effect those prior negotiations and understandings may have if a dispute arises.

Choice of law provisions in contracts: why they matter

If your company does business with international partners, and especially if these transactions involve buying and selling goods, you may discover that to many foreign business people the American penchant for detailed contracts that seek to anticipate and address as many problem areas as possible is puzzling if not irksome. In the interest of trying to maintain a spirit of harmony during the negotiation process you may be tempted to scale back on some of the details, but one that you should always insist upon is a clearly understood choice of law provision.

What is the contractual effect of unilateral and mutual mistakes?

Parties to an agreement, particularly a business agreement, do not operate in an environment of perfect knowledge. Sometimes after entering into a contract either or both of the parties to it may realize that a mistake has occurred in the way the contract was written or in the business assumptions that formed the basis for entering into it. When mistakes are made, what is the legal effect on the contract and the parties' rights and obligations under it?

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