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A breach of contract can negatively impact your business

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

Business owners in Ohio understand that they will likely face contract disputes at some time during the course of doing business. Unfortunately, many of these disputes are the result of parties not living up to the promises they made in contractual agreements. When a breach of contract occurs and parties are unable to resolve their issues, contract disputes are often filed by the aggrieved parties.

A breach of contract occurs any time a party to an agreement fails to fulfill its promises. For instance, one way a party could breach a contract is by failing to deliver a promised product on time or in promised quantity. Such a failure to deliver can have disastrous results for businesses further down the supply chain and even lead to an unintended breach of contract by the original breach’s victim.

Another type of breach occurs when one party receives goods or services from another party yet refuses to pay the agreed-upon amount for those goods or services. This type of breach can also have an effect on an entire supply chain as one company’s lack of capital due to nonpayment can affect its ability to pay its suppliers.

Regardless of the type of contract dispute that appears to be inevitable for your business, the attorneys at Dinn, Hochmann & Potter, L.L.C. have the experience to help you through the civil process. Our attorneys have successfully represented the interests of countless businesses in contract disputes over the course of their careers, making them some of the most highly respected business lawyers in Ohio. Armed with knowledge and experience, they can guide you toward an efficient resolution.


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