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How do I protect the successful strategies my company uses?

Many people start businesses up yearly throughout the U.S. Perhaps more so with the dawn of entrepreneurial spirited e-commerce solutions, like Shopify and Wix. As your business grows, your employee roster grows, and you begin to realize what works and what doesn't. The strategies and tactics you practice must be guarded so that you can retain your specific niche in the market, but how do you protect your secrets to your success?

What if I need to enforce an arbitration award?

So many business contracts today include mandatory arbitration provisions, and often for good reason: compared to litigation, arbitration is often faster, less expensive and more responsive to the needs of the parties, But sometimes arbitration alone may not be enough to finally resolve a contract dispute. This can happen, for example, if after the arbitration one of the parties to the proceeding chooses not to comply with the decision of the arbitrator or arbitrators. In such an event, how exactly is an arbitration enforceable?

What constitutes a deceptive trade practice?

There are a variety of colloquial ways to describe business practices that attempt to unfairly take advantage of business partners or customers, such as “sharp dealing” or fraud, but the term that the law applies to them collectively is “deceptive trade practices.” Ohio law codifies activities that comprise such unfair dealings in its adoption of the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

What is "piercing the corporate veil?"

It is an axiom of business law in Ohio that one of the reasons for incorporating is to minimize the risk of liability to shareholders in the company. But shareholder immunity from liability is not unconditional; under some circumstances it may be possible for a shareholder to be sued for acts that he or she commits under the aegis of the corporate form. This bypassing of the corporation to sue the shareholder directly is referred to as, "piercing the corporate veil."

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