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Can an employee handbook help your business avoid litigation?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Business Law |

As an Ohio business owner, you may want to consider creating an employee handbook that outlines your business’s objectives, benefits, guidelines and culture. Having a handbook in place offers benefits not only for you but also your employees. It also helps ensure that everyone representing your business stays on the same page.

What are some of the benefits that may come with having an employee handbook?

It may help you avoid litigation

Often, business litigation becomes necessary because there is disagreement about an employee’s responsibilities or obligations. An employee handbook makes these responsibilities and obligations clear, lessening the chances of ambiguity or miscommunication that could lead to litigation. The handbook may also outline alternative methods of dispute resolution that you all agree to try before moving on to litigation. Handbooks also often contain information that may help you avoid allegations of wrongful termination.

It may help you attract qualified hires

A solid employee handbook should also outline the benefits your company offers. A quick review of the handbook should give an employee, or a potential employee, a sense of what you offer in terms of health insurance, paid vacation and so on.

It helps employees understand your expectations

Your employee handbook also helps you communicate to your employees what you expect of them in terms of performance, attendance and so on.

The strength of your employee handbook depends on the strength and clarity of its contents. Having a carefully drafted handbook in place may save your business considerable time and money over the course of its lifetime.


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