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Release of confidential information can lead to contract disputes

On Behalf of | May 1, 2018 | Contract Disputes |

Productivity and profits are the driving force behind most Ohio businesses. Retail stores, business enterprises, doctor’s offices and even hospitals consistently look for ways to increase in both of these areas. In doing so, the business often looks to sources within its own company and at times will hire outside help to assist in evaluating various aspects within the business. While this outside assistance can prove invaluable at times, it can also become the source of contract disputes.

In one such instance, a medical facility hired an outside company as a consultant to review their procedures and make recommendations to streamline their anesthesiology services. After reviewing current practices, staffing and other factors, the company presented their recommendations to the medical facility. The physician group affected by these recommendations claim to have made an attempt to utilize these recommendations; however, they expressed concern that these recommendations could have a detrimental effect on patient safety.

The physician group was soon notified that its contract would not be renewed. Contract negotiations were ongoing, and the new contract was awarded to the company that had been hired as the consultant. The current physician group filed suit claiming that this other company was given confidential information as a part of their consultant duties.

It is common practice for Ohio businesses to look for ways to increase profits and reduce expenses. However, when the methods utilized create a situation in which contracts become involved and confidential information is released, contract disputes can become a problem. Experienced legal counsel can assist in avoiding or minimizing such a problem.


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