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Contract disputes cause customer service problems

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2017 | Business Litigation |

Customer service is an important part of most Ohio businesses. Regardless of who is to blame for service problems, the customer will ultimately look to the company with whom he or she interacts. The fact that contract disputes may cause problems between the service provider and its product source doesn’t change the fact the customer is the one who ultimately loses out.

Once again, ATT&T, the parent company of both DirecTV and U-verse, has announced that it is attempting to negotiate its service contract with television companies throughout Ohio and several other states. However, due to contract disputes, it is possible that these stations will no longer be a part of the choices available for DirecTV and U-verse customers. In addition to local news and weather information, this can affect the available of sports broadcasts as well as favorite television shows.

While this may not appear to be a serious matter, for some customers, it can be quite serious. The decision as to which television service provider to contract with often stems from both the cost of the service and the channels provided. When either of these factors changes, the customer is usually the one that suffers.

Contract disputes can have a devastating effect on Ohio businesses. They often disrupt the service or supply chain provided from one company to another. Additionally, this disruption often trickles down to the consumer and becomes a customer service concern there as well. When it appears that a contract dispute is inevitable, it may be time to discuss the matter with experienced legal counsel to effectively manage the situation.

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