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Software developers should protect their work with a contract

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

Today, nearly every aspect of business is digital. Whether it is something as simple as a website or as difficult as a large-scale database, software developers create usable programs for practically every area of business. While operating with cutting-edge software is important for businesses, it is equally important for the software developer to protect the copyright of their work through the use of a contract. These contracts are called software development agreements and serve to protect a developer’s intellectual property.

Although a software development agreement works to protect a software developer’s copyright, it actually serves as a protection to both parties. As a formal contract, a software development agreement may help the developer and the business they are contracted with avoid legal disputes throughout the process of development.

A well-drafted software development agreement will work as a guideline to gauge progress. It outlines every step of the process and can also help both parties resolve disputes as they arise. Some software development agreements may even designate a point within the process in which either party can terminate the agreement. By working through the projects steps outlined within the contract, the risk of either party being unsatisfied with compensation or the final product is substantially reduced.

Like most well-drafted contracts, a comprehensive software development agreement can help developers, as well as the company they are working for avoid disputes and create a useful product. Just as with any contract, drafting an enforceable and complete software development agreement requires the help of an experienced business law attorney. With their comprehensive knowledge of the law, a lawyer specializing in this area can help draw up an agreement that offers protection to all parties involved.


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