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Mediation can resolve contract disputes

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2015 | Contract Disputes |

Contract disputes between Ohio business partners are very common and arise for a multitude of different reasons. For most entrepreneurs and business owners, protecting the business that they have built and expanding it further is the ultimate goal. Conflict resolution is an important part of preserving a business, since litigation and arbitration could ultimately give way to solutions that are not so beneficial.

You might have heard of mediation being used in many different circumstances. Mediation was designed to provide a way for two or more people who are in conflict with one another to sit down, work through their issues and create solutions that they both agree to. This involves a neutral third party who serves as the counselor for the situation.

Talking through the dispute is much easier when there is an unbiased third party present. This counselor is trained to equip those who attend mediation with the tools that they need to come up with the best solutions. They are also there to resolve conflicts that might arise in mediation.

Mediation allows the two you are in conflict to be in control of all choices and outcomes. You do not get the same benefit with litigation or arbitration. Mediation is the only route of resolving contract disputes that gives full reign to both parties so that they may come up with agreements that suit both businesses. If you are a business owner and experiencing a contract dispute, mediation could help. If you have additional questions, speaking to an experience attorney could be beneficial.  


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