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Deceptive advertising constitutes unfair competition

You can work day and night building your business but to succeed, you will need a customer base. And advertising is an essential part of letting the public know about your company. Creating an effective advertising campaign can give you a real edge over your competition. But it is important to remember that there are limitations in regard to the subject matter that may be contained in an advertisement.

You can learn from your job while founding a start-up

Of course building a start-up takes a lot of time, money and energy. Moreover, there is always the chance that a start-up may not succeed. And often, people believe they have to quit their jobs just to begin the process of developing a company. This belief may dissuade them from trying to pursue their dreams of running their own companies. But if you have ambitions to start a business, but are apprehensive about giving up your job, you might want to keep your job while laying the groundwork for your company.

There are a lot of things you can do while working your day job to get the ball rolling on your start-up. For example, learn all you can about running a business by carefully observing your present work environment. Look at what the company does well and the areas that could use improvement. Take note of the company's management style, leadership and team building techniques.

It's never too soon to plan for a family business's succession

If you are living your dream of owning and running your own successful family business, you have more at stake than just turning a profit. You have also built something that you could hand down to your children, allowing them to keep your creation alive and well into the future. This is why it is so important to start planning for a time when your family members take full responsibility for the care of the business.

What can a property owner do in an eminent domain situation?

If you own real estate, be it residential or commercial, you likely have plans regarding how long you plan to hold onto your property. And typically, if you are able to keep up your payments on the property, or if you own it outright, you should be able to call your own shots. But what happens if the government decides your home, rental property or business is located on land it wants for other purposes?

Protect your investment with the help of an attorney

Commercial real estate represents a significant value to those that own it. Unfortunately, even the most simple of all real estate transactions can have hiccups. If you are in the middle of a commercial real estate dispute, protect your investment with the help of an experienced commercial and business law attorney.

Real estate disputes can arise during every aspect of a transaction. Whether you are experiencing issues with construction, developments, zoning or appropriation, an experienced commercial and business law attorney can help see to it that these disputes don't disrupt your business.

What are the various types of breach of contract?

The matter of breach of contract is common in the world of business. While some breaches may cause little to no rift in a business agreement or its process, some breaches of contract are so substantial that they result in a complete dissolution of any existing business relationship. If you use contracts often, it may be well worth your time to become knowledgeable about the various types and their remedies.

Avoiding disputes with foreign businesses

If you are considering entering into a business relationship with a foreign company, it may be beneficial to become familiar with the Department of Commerce's dispute avoidance guidelines. With their advice and the help of an experienced business law attorney, you may be able to avoid a lengthy and costly litigation.

What is the difference between an asset and stock purchase?

Starting a business is a huge decision. If business has been good to you, you may be thinking about acquiring another existing one. Before moving forward, you must first decide whether you are going to choose to purchase the business's stock or its assets. While this decision is best made with the help of an attorney, it wouldn't hurt for you to understand the pros and cons of both types of acquisition.

If you choose to purchase a business through a buyout of its assets, you can purchase its facility, equipment, inventory and vehicles. Aside from being a fairly complex process, acquisition through asset purchase is a pretty common practice. You may also choose to acquire a business by simply purchasing the selling company's stock. However, this would not apply to the purchase of a sole proprietorship, partnership or LLC.

Attorneys who understand business

A successful business takes a comprehensive business plan. By working with an experienced business law attorney, business owners can rest assured they are receiving the most comprehensive legal advice available. A law firm that offers business law guidance understands the challenges business owners face, and can identify solutions to those challenges to help a business prosper.

Know the benefits and responsibilities of buying a franchise

Contrary to common belief, buying into a franchise, no matter how well known or successful the franchisor may be, is not a guarantee of a successful business. Although many people like the idea of entrepreneurship, owning and operating a franchise is not always easy. Before jumping into any business, it is best to understand the benefits and responsibilities you'll face after purchase.

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