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Steps to prove a breach of contract

Contracts are put in place for a specific reason: to ensure that all parties involved uphold their end of an agreement or arrangement. When one party is not fulfilling that obligation, a breach occurs and can put the other party or parties in a precarious situation. However, the process of proving a breach of contract must be carefully executed if you want to have the best chance of getting a profitable outcome.

Seven things your lease should cover as a property manager

As a property manager, you have probably felt the nervous feelings of taking a chance on a new renter. Your property is your asset and investment, and you are essentially entrusting that investment to the lives and habits of a stranger. So how do you go about minimizing the risks involved?

Why is it important to have a partnership agreement?

Certain needs in business necessitate a partnership. Sometimes, a partnership is just a feasible option to help your business operate with fewer limitations. Partners can bring financial security to a company and may even bring experience and a fair dose of knowledge to the table. Other partners are silent and do not try to integrate within areas of operational management. Understanding the roles of partners and dictating that from the get-go may help over the years when a partner may be tempted to overstep his or her role.

Commercial real estate growth in northern Ohio continues

Trends related to commercial real estate tell the people of Ohio more than simply trends related to construction or leasing. In fact, information about commercial real estate trends can help one to examine the health of the entire economy. Fortunately for the people of Cleveland, commercial real estate growth appears to be continuing.

Protection for borrowers from unscrupulous lenders

When borrowers seek a line of credit or loan, they are often entering into somewhat unfamiliar territory. Borrower regulations change with frequency, and an investment practice may seem legit that really isn't. The odds are stacked in the favor of lenders, who stay current on the ins and outs of the law and find ways to manipulate the system while still appearing to navigate within the parameters of regulation.

What are the remedies for a breach of contract?

When a person or entity agrees to provide goods or services to you and doesn't completely satisfy their obligation, they are in breach of contract. If you feel that you have had a situation such as this happen to you, you could stand to gain in court. You could be awarded remedies in law or remedies in equity.

Can you be bound by an advertisement?

Everyone has a friend of a friend with a horror story of being taken to court by a customer that took a particular advertisement too far. This article will address the legal implications of advertisements and how they may affect your business. But, the short answer is that advertisements typically cannot and do not create offers that are binding on you or your company.

Contract disputes can stop road construction and other work

Contract disputes between a construction company and its lender involving roadwork in a southern state have made recent headlines. The disputes have led to a complete halt to construction on a roadway in that state's western region. According to a recent report, the contract disputes arose over the need for additional funding. Ohio business owners may be interested in the details of the ongoing disputes.

Now is the time for Ohio companies to do business planning

For companies in Ohio and elsewhere, now is the time for business planning. Whether a company needs to make short-term plans, such as setting goals for the next three-to-five years, or long-term plans, such as those related to business succession, no time is better than the present. If you own a business and you need help making important business planning decisions, you can get the guidance you need from the attorneys at the law firm of Dinn, Hochman & Potter, L.L.C.

Our firm's experienced attorneys can help you create a short-term plan for your business by looking at your current and past financial records and examining your goals for your company. They will help you identify your company's strengths and weaknesses and its opportunities and threats. Armed with this information, they can help you make legal decisions that will allow you to avoid risks and prepare your business for future success.

Understanding the legal side of shareholder disputes in Ohio

When an Ohio company is initially formed, a decision must be made concerning how that company will be structured. There are multiple options available, so the involved parties must carefully weigh the positives and negatives associated with each option to determine which structure best fits their business's current needs while allowing its future growth. For many, the best option is the creation of a business that allows for multiple shareholders. The only drawback to this structure is that any company with shareholders has the potential for shareholder disputes to arise in the future.

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