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Your Company’s Guide Through Employment Law/Litigation

Most business owners know that litigation, lawsuits, legal notices, subpoenas, demand letters and other legal problems are not exclusively limited to Fortune 500 companies. While larger companies have staffed departments to handle these legal issues, smaller business are left to rely on themselves or engage an attorney without fully understanding the risks, time and costs involved. As a result, many small businesses spend countless hours away from what they do best — running their businesses.

Save Valuable Time

Allowing Dinn Hochman & Potter, LLC, to act as your outside general counsel gives you many of the benefits of a legal department without the need to hire additional and costly staff members. As outside general counsel we provide guidance on:

  • Employment, human resource, and wage and hour issues
  • Employee contracts/noncompete agreements
  • Regulatory oversight and compliance involving governmental agencies
  • Organizing, managing and overseeing litigation, including oversight of outside counsel on high-exposure litigation
  • Providing uniform and cohesive defense strategies on highly repeatable litigation
  • Serving as outside regional counsel
  • Reviewing and responding to subpoenas
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Advising on key business growth issues
  • Raising capital
  • FLSA, FMLA, ERISA, ADA, workers’ compensation compliance
  • Lending law compliance, i.e., TILA, RESPA, FCRA, FDCPA, ECOA, HOEPA, FHA, CFPB, pay day lending laws

Further, an outside general counsel can also assist with hiring other counsel who specialize in a particular field of law (i.e., environmental, securities, workers’ compensation, etc.) if the matter cannot be handled in-house.

Resources Are Available Now

Contact Dinn Hochman & Potter, LLC, located in Cleveland, Ohio, today to understand how we can help grow your business by being outside general counsel. Email us or call 440-446-1100 or toll-free at 800-233-4079.

Our lawyers offer different options for engagement such as hourly, monthly retainer or fixed-fee arrangements to suit your business needs.

At Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC, we offer legal guidance throughout the employment cycle. We provide representation to both employees and employers, offering direction through the employment relationship.

Northeastern Ohio Employment Litigation Attorneys

We represent both employers and employees in employment law disputes. This includes employment litigation, violations of noncompete agreements, claims of discrimination, wage and hour conflict, misclassifications, and other employment-related causes and claims, including but not limited to, claims such as:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights of Act of 1964, as amended, the Equal Pay Act, as amended;
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA);
  • The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA);
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);
  • The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA);
  • The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  • The Ohio Minimum Fair Wage Standards Act (OMFWA);
  • The Ohio Civil Rights Laws; and,
  • The Ohio Workers’ Compensation Act.

We work with businesses, acting as employment law counsel for companies that do not have in-house human resource staff. Our lawyers work with companies to develop a structure of manuals, policies and personnel to manage employees, providing protocol for handling disputes.

In our development of these strategies, we help employers understand benefits and how those policies will impact business operations, as well as the bottom line of the company.

Contact Our Cleveland Employment Lawyers

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your company’s employment law needs, please contact our firm today at 440-446-1100 or toll-free at 800-233-4079.