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Uniform Commercial Code Guidance

At Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC, we represent clients in disputes regarding the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC governs many business dealings, offering a standardized manner in which these matters must be conducted.

UCC Litigation Attorneys

This code provides a framework for most contracts, transactions and agreements, including sales, leases, negotiable instruments (commercial paper), bank deposits and collections, funds transfers, letters of credit, bulk sales (bulk transfers), documents of title, investment securities and secured transactions.

When a product or service is sold, both parties may have their own form for the same transaction. If the provisions of either form is inconsistent with the UCC, a dispute may arise. Negotiable instruments are often the source of dispute, such as check or promissory notes. We help to resolve these conflicts, applying the UCC standards to determine if the form is enforceable and what each party is responsible for.

Our lawyers also represent clients seeking to enforce agreements where a party obtained securities for the service, product or the provision of certain services or products.

Our Lawyers Handle Uniform Commercial Code Matters

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss our ability to protect your interests in this highly complex form of dispute, please call our law firm today at 440-446-1100. Office in Cleveland.