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We Will Worry About Corporate Governance So You Don’t Have To

Corporate governance – or, a business’s system of rules, policies and processes – is an area that many companies neglect. The everyday operational concerns of running a company frequently receive priority. However, this is an error that could affect a business’s longevity and success. Corporate governance is far more than a static system of rules. It affects numerous aspects of a company, including management, employees and shareholders.

Business leaders in Ohio can rely on the knowledgeable counsel of Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC. We understand the importance of proactively managing corporate-governance issues such as:

  • Shareholder activism
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Executive compensation
  • Board structure
  • Risk identification and management
  • Best practices for corporate governance

With our firm serving you, you can rely on our guidance and devote your attention to other business matters.

Shareholder Activism Is More Important Than Ever

In recent years, dissenting shareholders have increased their activism. Shareholders want to know that a company has integrity – not just profitability. Businesses must defend their objectives while effectively responding to shareholder demands. Our attorneys can help your company tread this difficult path.

Discuss Corporate Governance With Our Team

At our law firm, our attorneys take a team approach to every case. Multiple heads are better than one: Our capable lawyers will examine your business’s current operating structure and advise you of your options. Schedule a consultation with our Cleveland office by calling 440-446-1100 (local) or by reaching us online.