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Let Us Worry About The UCC So You Don’t Have To

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the body of laws concerning commercial transactions within the United States. When you draft a contract, said contract likely falls under the original common-law structure or the UCC. However, it is often difficult to determine which set of laws apply.

You can avoid this confusion and ensure that your contracts meet UCC considerations by working with a knowledgeable law firm. The Cleveland law firm of Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC, has years of experience regarding the UCC. We can make sure that your legal agreements comply with the correct set of rules. We can also help you address any unique considerations that you encounter regarding the UCC.

Does The UCC Apply To My Contract?

A contract must meet at least one of two provisions for the UCC to apply to it. First, the UCC applies only to agreements involving the purchase or sale of goods over $500. It also applies to contracts in which one or more parties is a merchant or someone who handles the goods and services in the contract as part of their occupation. If your agreement does not meet at least one of these conditions, then it falls under the original common law, not the UCC.

Learn Whether The UCC Applies To Your Contracts

It is wise to discuss your business transactions and agreements with an Ohio-based lawyer to determine whether the UCC is applicable. Our attorneys at Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC, can help you with UCC considerations and other issues pertaining to contracts. Schedule your consultation by calling 440-446-1100 (local). You may also use our online contact form to contact us.