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Lawyers Representing Cleveland Small Businesses

At Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC, we help small and closely held businesses formulate solutions and agreements that meet their specific needs. Through our strategies, businesses are able to create partnership agreements, shareholder agreements or other documents that provide necessary flexibility.

Working With Family Businesses

Often these types of businesses are families or partners with existing relationships. While they may not need the high degree of reporting and accountability, these businesses still require formal agreements and documentation to act as guideposts for their future.

The state of Ohio does not recognize Closely Held Limited Liability Corporations, but we are able to mimic this structure and provide similar solutions to small businesses. This allows the company to abide by more flexible reporting standards, spending less time putting together reports that are not required for its actual operations.

We seek to formalize the relationship between the shareholders and the business with its owners. Our lawyers structure this in such a manner that disputes are resolved through the infrastructure we have set up. This framework also clearly dictates duties and obligations of all parties, minimizing confusion and room for future disputes.

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