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Statistics on employment discrimination charges

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If you run a business, you could encounter a number of legal hurdles that threaten the reputation and even the future of your firm. Sometimes, a former staff member lies about their experiences in order to seek revenge against a company they used to work for, while some employees make up false stories in order to secure compensation.

There are many types of discrimination, whether charges involve a worker’s age, racial background, sex or more. It is beneficial as a business owner to review statistics on these charges in order to understand how prevalent different types of discrimination charges actually are.

Reviewing the prevalence of employment discrimination charges

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission published statistical data on various types of discrimination cases. According to the EEOC, the agency received more than 67,000 discrimination charge filings over the course of the fiscal year 2020. This does not include charges filed with local or state agencies. More than 22,000 charge filings involved racial discrimination, while 21,398 involved one’s sex and over 14,000 involved a worker’s age.

24,324 discrimination charge filings arose as a result of disability discrimination allegations and more than 37,000 people filed charges over accusations involving retaliation.

The impact of employment discrimination cases

Some business owners face serious consequences as a result of discrimination charges and every discrimination case is unique. If allegations involving discrimination have surfaced, carefully go over the details of the case and determine the most appropriate course of action.

Stiff financial penalties, a shattered reputation and other penalties can jeopardize the future of a business, regardless of its size. Moreover, other employees could decide to take action, depending on the outcome of the case. It is crucial to understand your options.


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