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What is a utility easement?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Real Estate |

When you purchase real estate for residential or commercial use, you must consider utility easements before further developing the land.

In some cases, when you receive your deed, you may also receive a utility easement. Whenever you have a utility easement, it is beneficial to understand the purpose and rules involved.

What is the utility easement?

Your utility easement is a piece of your land that the utility companies have a right to access. The right to access benefits the entire community, including you. For instance, if you have trees in your yard, a utility company may have the right to trim them so they do not interfere with power or telephone lines.

Utility companies may come to you directly for a utility easement rather than purchasing land. For example, if the company needs to set up power lines on your property, they will work with you before setting up the lines.

What are your rights on your property?

If you purchase a piece of property that has a utility easement, there may be restrictions on what you can do. For example, the utility company may not allow you to place an inground pool on the utility easement or to grow vegetation. Likewise, the utility company may be able to access your property without permission.

Many people wonder if they can receive compensation for a utility easement. Generally, the owner who initially made the agreement benefits financially from the deal, but future owners do not. However, in some cases, you can request financial compensation for easement use.


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