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Readying your resources: Leasing commercial property

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Real Estate |

Leasing commercial property in Ohio can provide substantial profits, especially if you find reliable tenants. Organizing your resources in preparation for leasing your property may improve your overall experience.

Making sure you have all of your financials, legal contracts and logistics in place prior to leasing will significantly reduce the risks you face.

Know the market

Did you know that the businesses surrounding your commercial property can influence the appearance and success of your tenants? When looking for space to purchase and subsequently lease, pay considerable attention to location. Some aspects you might consider include the following:

  • Parking
  • Visibility from the road
  • Signage
  • Surrounding businesses
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Marketability

Taking into account the aforementioned factors can help you find or develop a space that will optimize your investment.

Fine-tune contracts

Arguably one of the most critical parts of choosing to lease commercial property is the implementation of a contract. This formal legal document allows you a place to disclose your expectations to tenants. This could include information about payment, any restrictions for the use of the property and the length of the agreement. According to Business News Daily, most contractual relationships last between three and five years.

You will want to consult with your legal team to determine that your contract adequately addresses the most vulnerable aspects of leasing your property. You will also want to regularly assess how things progress so you can adjust future contracts to make them more applicable.

Leasing commercial property may allow you to expand your investment portfolio, develop positive networking relationships and enjoy the benefits of the real estate market. Your careful preparation will make success possible.


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