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Business owners and will contests in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2021 | Litigation |

If you have found yourself in a dispute over an estate as a business owner, you could have various hardships to work through, such as strong emotions, uncertainty over the law and legal issues related to litigation, high levels of stress and concerns about the division of assets from the estate.

Sometimes, will contests arise, which affect beneficiaries as well as those in charge of an estate plan.

How long do people have to contest a will?

Whether you wish to contest a will or another party has expressed interest in contesting the will, it is vital to take a look at the time limits for taking this course of action. According to the Franklin County Probate Court, in the state of Ohio people have three months to contest a will after all interested parties receive a filed certificate.

Why do will disputes arise?

Will disputes come up for different reasons. In some instances, people believe that their loved one created a will while subjected to undue influence or they believe that the testator lacked the mental ability to make a valid will. Sometimes, people challenge a portion of the will, while in other instances they contest the entire will.

The outcome of a will contest could have a significant impact on your finances and even the direction of your business. In addition to potentially contentious litigation, this can also affect relationships between other business partners and the distribution of an estate. Some people can resolve disputes out of court, while litigation is unavoidable in other instances. Make sure you address a potential will contest carefully and protect your interests.


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