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Most companies have a wide range of real estate needs. Even companies that operate almost exclusively on the internet, such as Amazon, for example, have distribution centers and warehouses throughout the country. The common refrain in the business world is that “brick and mortar” operations are falling by the wayside, but the reality is that many companies will always face some sort of real estate issues.

Commercial real estate issues

With real estate matters, obtaining experienced legal guidance is crucial. Commercial real estate deals, especially, can become quite complex in a hurry. There are many documents involved in these types of deals, which must be carefully scrutinized to ensure the correct drafting of terms. No matter if a company is buying or selling real estate, having the best information about legal options can “make or break” a deal.

Seeking guidance on a wide array of other legal matters

However, beyond acquisitions and sales in real estate, there are many other related issues that companies may need to address as well. Zoning issues and land use regulations, for example, may cause complications for some planned projects, while eminent domain actions by government entities, utility companies or other entities with eminent domain authority could threaten the existing use of a property. Facing these issues head-on could help companies arrive at creative solutions.

Protecting long-term business interests

At Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC, we work with companies that are dealing with real estate issues, whether the issues are planned or forced upon them. We do our best to ensure that our clients have the information they need to make strategic business decisions. Participants in real estate transactions or disputes, whether they are a buyer, seller, business owner, contractor, investor or more, can find comfort and confidence in working alongside an experienced attorney who will work to protect their long-term interests.


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