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Business owners need to be aware of zoning restrictions

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Real Estate |

Ohio businesses that are planning a move to buy and build on real estate for retail, industrial or even office space needs, among other needs, must be aware of certain zoning areas and restrictions that could impact the potential use of such real estate. As many of our readers know, a company can’t just do whatever it wants wherever it wants in a city like Cleveland. Land use regulations will have a significant impact on business plans.

Residential vs. mixed-use zoning areas

When searching for the right slice of real estate to purchase for building or a company expansion, one area of zoning will likely be obvious: residential. These areas are zoned primarily as places for people to live. However, these days it is not uncommon to also see “mixed-use” zoning areas, which allow for residential areas to be in the same areas as retail or commercial sites, such as restaurants or small shops.

Commercial zoning areas

Many businesses will likely direct their primary searches to areas that are zoned as “commercial.” These areas can include spaces such as shopping malls or office parks, for example, and are cordoned off specifically as a place for businesses to operate. But, depending on the needs of any given company, such a dedicated space may not serve the best interests of the company and, instead, the above-mentioned “mixed-use” areas may be more desirable.

The other major area of zoning we see in cities like Cleveland is “industrial.” These are areas where our readers will see factories or other manufacturing plants, along with warehouses and other buildings that are dedicated to the use or support of businesses that are primarily engaged in making consumer products or parts, for example.

There can be many other types of zones as well, such as agricultural zones or historic areas. Businesses across Ohio will need to get the right information about zoning restrictions when they are making a real estate move.


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