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Some law firms hold out to the public that their attorney team engages routinely in truly comprehensive real estate-linked legal matters. And, indeed, some firms do devote extensive time and resources to resolving challenges and promoting opportunities in the complex real estate universe for diverse and valued clientele.

Others, well, dabble. In doing so, they test the accuracy of what actually comprises “full service” for clients justifiably relying on their subject-matter knowledge and applied acumen.

We want to be clear on a realty-related point at the established Cleveland business law firm of Dinn, Hochman & Potter. We stress on our website that we work diligently and passionately for clients on “all real estate disputes and transactions.”

And we back that up with proven advocacy commanded by attorneys collectively bringing many decades of on-point knowledge to the task. Our studied and aggressive representation bridges involvement in matters ranging broadly from construction, development and leasing to financing, zoning/land use considerations, regulatory permits/compliance and more. Dinn, Hochman & Potter lawyers work on behalf of both residential and commercial clients, and we do so in both Ohio-based matters and representation that spans the country.

Moreover, the firm’s legal team assists the full panoply of diverse participants involved in the intricate real estate industry. Those centrally entail residential and commercial buyers and sellers, of course, but they also include contractors, investors, insurers, lenders and other parties.

The real estate universe is a challenging yet exciting and potentially profitable realm for both individuals and business entities. Proven commercial attorneys who regularly practice in the area can provide candid guidance and, when necessary, diligent legal representation.


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