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Ohio TV channel pulled while contract disputes continue

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

Ohio WJW Channel 8 viewers may be feeling quite frustrated since losing access to their favorite station. There is currently no information regarding when (or if) the station will return to service. The situation involves contract disputes between Tribune Media, the parent company of WJW Channel 8, and Spectrum.

The central issue in the ongoing dispute between the two companies has to do with how much Spectrum should pay Tribune to carry its programming. Spectrum has stated that it finds Tribune’s prospective increased rates unfair. The company noted that Tribune’s programming is available free for those who have access to a TV antenna or the internet.

Spectrum has accused Tribune of trying to fill the coffers of its executives at Nexstar Media Group, who are in the process of acquiring the company. Tribune’s CEO aired a public statement, saying Spectrum is misrepresenting the facts of the situation. Tribune also says it is not asking Spectrum for anything unreasonable, only what is in line with what other cable and satellite providers already pay for its content.

The situation is an example of how contract disputes often have ripple effects beyond those directly involved. In this case, Ohio TV programming subscribers have lost access to a local channel that, up to now, has been part of their price package. Turning to an experienced business and commercial law attorney for support is often the best means for achieving a swift and fair solution to contract-related problem. An attorney knows how to protect a client’s financial interests while negotiating an outcome that is satisfactory to both sides.


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