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Business startups and business financing decisions

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Business Formation & Planning |

Great ideas can lead to financial success. This is often the catalyst that drives the Ohio entrepreneur to venture into the world of a new business startup. Along with this decision, though, is often the need for various business financing decisions.

The first step to acquiring financing and a successful business venture is often developing a sound business plan. In addition to addressing what the business will offer, the entrepreneur will want to research the market and develop projections based upon this research. He or she will want to provide data related to the business offering itself, competition, potential customers, projected sales and projected income.

In addition to the business plan, the entrepreneur will want to analyze his or her particular skill set and expertise. Potential financial backers will want to know that the entrepreneur has knowledge of the business and the market in which he or she will be competing. Additionally, they will want to know the entrepreneur’s history, investment in the business and what has already been accomplished with this particular business venture. If the entrepreneur has sales or orders on hand, these should be included as a part of the business plan and financing proposal.

Traditional lenders are one source of financing the startup. However, there are other sources that may need to be considered as business financing decisions are being made. For example, it may be in the Ohio entrepreneur’s best interest to look to crowdfunding, personal assets or other sources for needed funding. Experienced legal counsel can offer guidance throughout this process.


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