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Employee contract disputes lead to termination

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Business Litigation |

One of the more common contracts a business in Ohio may use is the employment contract, and many of those contain noncompete agreements. While an employee may feel the noncompete agreement potentially hinders his or her ability to pursue better opportunities in a chosen field, there are ways to negotiate such contract disputes. Unfortunately, without the proper legal assistance, seeking a release from a noncompete agreement may result in negative consequences.

A man in another state signed a noncompete agreement when he took a job as executive vice president of marketing with a national sign company. Within a month of beginning his employment, another company attempted to recruit him. The man finally accepted an offer from the competing company, then began negotiating with his current employer for release from the noncompete agreement. The employer asked for certain information from his competitor before agreeing to release him.

However, the competitor failed to send the requested papers, so the sign company terminated the man’s employment. The man continued to negotiate with the sign company for release from the noncompete, and each time they were close to an agreement, the competitor failed to come through with the necessary paperwork or rejected the terms altogether. Finally, the competitor rescinded its offer, leaving the man with no job at either company. The man is now seeking damages from the competitor, claiming they cost him his job at the sign company.

Negotiating contract disputes can be complex. Often, a great deal is at risk if the negotiations do not go well. Ohio residents dealing with contract issues may find some relief from the stress of their conflicts if they engage a skilled attorney to handle the matter for them.


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