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Kohls facing further business litigation over staff pay

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Business Litigation |

Employers in Ohio and elsewhere do what they can to ensure their staff members are being paid fairly, yet at the same time not to the detriment of their companies. Certain laws allow employers to withhold overtime pay if their employees are classified in a certain way and their job duties meet the necessary requirements for that class. It is not uncommon for employees to fight such classifications, resulting in companies requiring assistance with business litigation.

National retailer Kohls has found itself once again facing misclassification claims. Three employees who are listed as assistant managers say that their classification as managers has caused them to miss out on overtime pay. They say they should be granted the overtime pay as their duties do no primarily consist of managerial tasks. They are seeking an undisclosed amounting compensation.

This is not the first time Kohls has faced such a lawsuit. In 2016, to retail chain settled a similar lawsuit to the tune of $4 million. As far as this current case goes, the business denies any wrongdoing. Only time will tell how this case will be resolved.

Business litigation over employee pay can be extremely damaging to a company. Figuring out the best way to handle such claims is not always easy. With the assistance of legal counsel, business owners in Ohio can do everything possible to protect their companies from ruin by pursuing the legal courses of action deemed appropriate for their situations. Sometimes going to court is the only way to resolve such issues, but many times court can be avoided which is good for everyone in the long run.


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