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Employment contract disputes and expectations

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Contract Disputes |

Employees are an important part of the Ohio business. They often have the talent and expertise needed to allow the company to continue to grow and thrive. After investing time and money in locating and training the desired individual, the company wants to ensure that the working relationship will be a smooth one. In order to avoid potential problems down the road, such as employment contract disputes, employers and employees often enter into an employment contract.

The purpose of the employment contract is to specify the expectations of both parties. It often specifies exactly what duties the employee will be expected to perform. Additionally, it often identifies the days and hours that the employee is expected to work. Furthermore, it can address wages, commission, benefits and even duration of employment if applicable.

In addition to items pertaining to what is expected of the employee, the employment contract can also establish expectations regarding if the employee should leave. For example, it can contain a confidentiality agreement stating that information learned while in the employ of the company cannot be shared. It can also contain a non-compete clause, prohibiting the employee from immediately joining another company in competition with the current one.

Whenever possible, employment contract disputes are best avoided. One way to make this happen is to begin with a carefully structured employment contract. Experienced legal counsel can be invaluable in drafting the employment contract. Additionally, if there is a dispute, legal counsel can assist in resolving the dispute, keeping in mind the best interest of the Ohio company.


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