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Breach of contract claimed in employment dispute

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Contract Disputes |

Skilled employees are an asset to Ohio businesses. Companies often depend upon them to provide customer service, provide training to customers and other employees, solve problems and a variety of other important business activities. Truly skilled employees are not found every day, and as such, when they are discovered, their contribution to a company is essential. Many companies recognize this possibility and thus enter into employment contracts with employees. While this may be good business practice, it can also lead to breach of contract concerns if the employee and/or company decide to part ways.

In one recent instance, an individual who was hired to promote, manage, train and perform as a fighter in his local gym has been sued for breach of contract along with several other claims. According to his former employer, this individual was under a three-year contract with a noncompete clause. However, the individual left the gym during the contract period and began working at another gym in the same town.

His former employer is now suing, claiming that although he is at another gym, the company is still owed a percentage of his fight earnings. Additionally, in leaving the gym, it is alleged that he took trade secrets with him, and his former employer is seeking punitive damages. This is a matter that will most likely have to be settled in court.

Skilled employees are often the face of an Ohio business. These are the individuals customers seek out for assistance and other business-related activities. When such an employee leaves for another employer, it can have a detrimental effect on the business. For this reason, some businesses choose to utilize employment contracts and pursue breach of contract claims in these instances.

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