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Employment contract disputes can be costly for all involved

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Contract Disputes |

The details and fine print in a contract can be an important factor in determining whether to accept the contract. These same details and fine print can also be an important factor when it comes to litigation surrounding the contract. When it comes to employment contract disputes, these details and fine print are often a vital part of the dispute and can involve a substantial amount of money for the Ohio business.

Recently, Coach Sean Miller of the University of Arizona’s men’s basketball team has found himself at the center of an investigation that may lead to an employment contract dispute. According to reports, Miller was involved in offering money to a recruit for the college’s basketball team. This recruit did in fact play for Arizona this season.

Such action has led to discussions regarding Miller’s continued employment with the university. If he is fired “without cause,” the university will be responsible for paying him 50 percent of his remaining contract. However, according to the wording of his contract, if he is fired “for cause,” the situation becomes different. As a result of the way the contract is worded, the university may be responsible for paying him the full amount for the remainder of his contract.

Employment contract disputes can be costly to all involved. The typical Ohio company does not generally get involved in one of this type; however, it does point out the need to be careful in how contracts are worded. Experienced legal counsel can help to safeguard the company from a situation of this type becoming a problem.

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