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Employment contract disputes can affect all involved

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Contract Disputes |

Employees are often the heart and soul of an Ohio-based company. When a customer calls or visits the place of business, the employees are usually the ones that take care of the customer. In addition to taking care of the customer, though, employees are responsible for taking care of the business. When either of these concerns is called into question, company owners or management may begin questioning the value of the employee. This can lead to possible employment contract disputes.

Depending upon the type of business being conducted, it is possible that an employee can have a contract worth a substantial amount of money. For example, although many do not think of a college athletic department as a business, it can be considered as one. These departments often bring in a significant amount of money to the college. Additionally, they are responsible for attracting numerous customers, otherwise known as students. When one of these department heads or coaches violates rules or terms of their contract, a contract dispute can ensue.

Recently, one such coach, Rick Pitino, and the University of Louisville disputed the terms of his employment contract. The university claims that Pitino has violated the terms of his contract. As such, the university followed procedure and provided him with 10 days-notice that his contract was being terminated. Depending upon the outcome, the university could owe his as little as $10,000 for his services to date or as much as $44 million to pay out the remainder of his contract.

While the majority of Ohio businesses will not face employment contract disputes of this magnitude, there is the possibility that an employment contract problem will exist. Depending upon the circumstances, owners and managers will often have to weigh the value of the employee against the terms of the contract and the area of dispute. Experienced legal counsel can be invaluable in analyzing the situation and pursuing an appropriate resolution of any ongoing issues.

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