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Breach of contract subject of lease dispute

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Contract Disputes |

Location is a vital component of almost every Ohio business. In some cases, the business purchases the property; in other cases, the business leases the property. Regardless, for many businesses, this location is essential to its ability to conduct business and make a profit. In the case of a lease, it is possible that a breach of contract on the part of the lessor or the lessee can have a substantial impact upon the business.

Several years ago, one seasonal concession business lost its location due to a natural disaster. In an effort to assist businesses in continuing to operate and make money, businesses were allowed to operate from trailers in the vicinity of their former locations. As a result, at least one business owner purchased what he says is a $40,000 food trailer.

However, now that the property has been rebuilt, these owners are being told that they may no longer operate from these concession trailers. The business owners are claiming that this is in violation of a new 10-year lease signed just months ago. Thus, the business owner is seeking relief through the court system for lost business due to this breach of contract.

Many Ohio businesses find it in their best interest to lease property rather than purchase it. However, a breach of contract can prove devastating to the business. When this happens, and the lessee believes that the breach is the fault of the lessor, it may be necessary to pursue the matter through the Ohio legal system.

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