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Contract disputes can present image and service problems

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Contract Disputes |

Customer service and the image that a company presents to the community are an integral part of an Ohio business marketing plan. Word of mouth and goodwill go a long way in overcoming obstacles and attracting customers. Even in the health care industry, the service provided to the patients and the image of the health care provider or hospital is paramount. Contract disputes can easily have a negative impact upon the business.

Summa Health appears to be experiencing concerns in the wake of a contract dispute. Apparently, emergency physicians contracted by Summa experienced a number of concerns, one of which involved Summa leadership at that time. Although the individual in question is no longer there, some problems remain and the company is working to regain lost ground. In addition, the number of referrals from physicians is still down.

Based upon operating losses, Summa is set to eliminate approximately 300 positions that are not directly involved with patient care. Although around 150 for these positions are not currently filled, there will still be individuals who lose their jobs. However, this in addition to the recent contract dispute could possibly add to image concerns for the organization.

Contract disputes are rarely contained just within the organization. They often become a topic of conversation around the dinner table and on the news. While some contract disputes cannot be avoided, it is often in the Ohio company’s best interest to be proactive and look for possible problems ahead of time. Experienced legal counsel can assist with making sure that the company does everything possible to minimize the possibility of problems down the road.

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