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Amazon looking to buy Whole Foods business organization

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Closely Held Businesses |

The battle for the consumer is on. The latest market to enter this ongoing battle appears to be in the grocery industry. As businesses across Ohio seek to merge and/or expand, their specific business organization often plays a vital role in success or failure.

Online retailer Amazon is making a play to purchase Whole Foods Market, Inc. Although Whole Foods is a national grocery chain, it currently operates four Ohio-based locations. Reports indicate that Amazon is set to pay $42 for each share of the national grocery store chain.

For several years now, Amazon has been a leader in the online grocery market. Its offerings generally included boxed and canned goods as well as other nonperishable items. The addition of the Whole Foods chain to its family appears to be opening the door to the addition of perishable delivery items in addition to traditional store-front marketing.

This particular industry has been and appears in the foreseeable future to be on a trend toward corporate mergers in a bid to be the grocery store of choice. Reports indicate that Whole Foods Market, Inc. has recently been facing pressure and encouragement to sell itself.  Now it is up to the shareholders and regulatory agencies to determine if this sale will actually be finalized.

As Ohio businesses vie for consumer business, their specific business organization often determines how they reach out to the consumer. Many businesses are now looking to both online and storefront operations as a means to success. Many times, the specific details of both types of ventures require guidance outside the scope of the business owner and that can best be served by working with an attorney experienced in the intricacies of commercial law.

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