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Deceptive advertising constitutes unfair competition

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2016 | Business Litigation |

You can work day and night building your business but to succeed, you will need a customer base. And advertising is an essential part of letting the public know about your company. Creating an effective advertising campaign can give you a real edge over your competition. But it is important to remember that there are limitations in regard to the subject matter that may be contained in an advertisement.

While it is perfectly okay for a company to make truthful claims about its goods or services, it cannot practice deceptive advertising. And one of the more egregious forms of deceptive advertising involves putting out false information about a competitor. For instance, if you own a used car lot, your ad can highlight the fact that you have twice the inventory as a competitor, but you cannot state that the competitor’s cars are of dubious quality.

If you refrain from making salacious or erroneous claims about your competition, you should never have to face a lawsuit accusing you of deceptive or unfair business practices. Such a suit could not only cost you financially but could also damage your reputation with the public as well as the business community.

But sometimes in an effort to gain an advantage in the marketplace, a company may attempt to create an ad campaign that mischaracterizes your company. And when this happens, it is vital that you put forth a strong legal response.

If you are having legal issues involving an advertising campaign, you may want to discuss the situation with a business litigation attorney. An attorney can represent your interests if your company has become the target of deceptive advertising. And an attorney can answer your questions regarding claims that you are making in your advertising.


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