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Now is the time for Ohio companies to do business planning

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Business Formation & Planning |

For companies in Ohio and elsewhere, now is the time for business planning. Whether a company needs to make short-term plans, such as setting goals for the next three-to-five years, or long-term plans, such as those related to business succession, no time is better than the present. If you own a business and you need help making important business planning decisions, you can get the guidance you need from the attorneys at the law firm of Dinn, Hochman & Potter, L.L.C.

Our firm’s experienced attorneys can help you create a short-term plan for your business by looking at your current and past financial records and examining your goals for your company. They will help you identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and its opportunities and threats. Armed with this information, they can help you make legal decisions that will allow you to avoid risks and prepare your business for future success.

Similarly, our lawyers can help you make long-term plans. They can look at the way your business is organized to determine your options concerning business succession. Whether you want to leave your business to family members or distribute your portion among other shareholders, they can ensure your business-related assets will be distributed in a way that agrees with your intentions and benefits your company. 

If you own an Ohio-based business and you need guidance as you make business planning decisions, you can turn to the law firm of Dinn, Hochman & Potter, L.L.C. In addition to helping you plan for your business’s future, we can also help you overcome any business-related challenge. If you would like to learn more about our business law services, you can visit our firm’s website where you will find more information about all of our practice areas.


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