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Careful planning can reduce the possibility of business disputes

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Creating and operating a business is among the most challenging and rewarding activities that any entrepreneur can engage in. The prospect of making a good living by providing a valuable product or service is compelling, but at the same time if things go wrong then resolving business disputes with partners, customers, government entities or even your own employees can turn thoughts of business profitability into ones of business survival.

Unless you are doing business as a sole proprietor, something you will need to take into account is that the form of your business – whether it be an LLC, an S corporation, partnership or a C Corporation – will not only involve ordinary managerial concerns but also legal ones. Depending upon your goals and requirements, you will need to decide which type of legal entity status will be the best fit for you and your company not only in terms of how you serve your market but also how you protect yourself.

If your Ohio business involves manufacturing, for example, some of the ways that the law can affect you include workers compensation requirements, employee law, vendor and sales contracts, local, state and federal taxes, environmental law, products liability law and much more. The varying levels of protection that your business entity status may give you are one thing to think about, as well as how you structure your business agreements to anticipate and where possible avoid disputes. Not surprisingly, taking all of these into account as well as your rule in running and developing your company will usually require delegation of the legal considerations.

At Dinn, Hochman & Potter, the focus of our practice is to serve as business law attorneys so that you can focus on what you need to. We see our role not only to help you resolve problems, but more importantly to help you identify and avoid them in advance by helping you in areas including your business organization, your contracts, your employee relationships, your tax considerations and more.

Detailing our range of services is more than we can accomplish in this single post. To learn more about how we can help you, we recommend that you examine our business law webpage.


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