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Texas publication sues New York Times for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

Ohio companies and individuals can face many situations that require the creation of formal contracts. Real estate contracts for the purchase of a home, construction management contracts for the development of a new structure or project, sale contracts for purchases and other business contracts are a regular part of life in our society. Most of the time, such agreements are honored and followed through without issue. Other times, however, problems can arise.

The reason for such problems can vary dramatically and, if not able to be worked out between the two parties amicably, litigation is one possible means of settling a contract dispute. Two media companies are currently in the midst of such a process over the movement of an editor from one company to the other. The former editor of the Texas Monthly magazine left his position there to become the Sunday magazine editor for The New York Times.

According to the Texas company, the move represented a breach of contract and it is upon those grounds that the lawsuit was filed. At this point, the lawsuit is only between the two companies. The editor himself has not been named as a defendant although such steps are sometimes taken in cases like these.

Despite the best of intentions at the outset of any contract, this is just one example of how new situations can change the outlook and cause difficulties for one or more parties. Under such circumstances, having access to experienced legal advice may be the best way for people or companies to know how to proceed.

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