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Courtney Love sued by psychiatrist for past due payment

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2014 | Business Litigation |

Cleveland residents may be interested in the latest legal troubles for singer, actress and designer Courtney Love. Ms. Love was recently sued by a psychiatrist, who claims that she owes him more than $48,000. The one-page business litigation summons was filed in New York County Supreme Court.

The psychiatrist claims that Love owes $48,250. He is also seeking interest, costs, attorney’s fees and any other compensation the court finds reasonable. He claims that Love has owed him the money since November 2010. The suit is officially for breach of contract, account stated, money due and owing and unjust enrichment.

There was no word on whether Love had responded to or made comment on the summons. There was also no indication of exactly what the money owed was for. It would appear that the balance is for psychiatric services, but those details were not included in the summons. The summons states that should Love fail to appear, a judgement for the full amount will be entered by default.

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business can be collecting payments. While most clients and customers generally pay on time, there are usually a handful in any business that are either delinquent in payment or simply don’t pay at all. A business can handle collections directly or hire an outside company to collect payments. If the delinquent payment is large enough, the business may decide to pursue the payment in court. An experienced business attorney could help a company file a summons, present their case in court and collect payment as quickly as possible.

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