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Development projects in Ohio start long before ground breaking

On Behalf of | May 30, 2013 | Commercial Real Estate |

Real estate issues have seemingly been on a roller coaster ride over the last few years all across the country. Development projects are no small affair, and many legal issues can arise along the way. Preparation for development is obviously an important feature of a development project. However, when construction projects are visible and underway, stories are likely to hit the news.

Real estate development projects in Beachwood, Ohio are actively visible as crews are working on a variety of commercial and residential construction projects, according to an account carried by The Cleveland Plain Dealer. A nearly $38 million project on a 7.9 acre site, which reportedly involves a luxury apartment project is turning heads.

Not far away, different crews are working on a $9.5 million hotel project and a separate space intended to be a future restaurant. The restaurant project reportedly is a $2 million deal.

The Building Commissioner listed 10 development projects during a May 20 city Council meeting accounting for slightly more than $142 million in new construction, according to the newspaper account.

Developers and contractors know that when a large venture has reached the stage of visibility to the public, many legal issues have already been worked out, often ranging from financing issues to acquisitions and zoning issues. Contract disputes, tax issues and other areas of business law are involved in large development projects. Many different parties can be involved in any development project, although many of the actors may not always be covered in news reports.

Developers, investors, contractors and many other parties have interests in large development projects who can benefit from working with Ohio business and real estate law lawyers to protect legal interests.

Source: The Cleveland Plain Dealer, “Construction under way on new Commerce Park Apartments in Beachwood; city seeing $142 million in new construction through May,” Jeff Piorkowski–Sun News, May 30, 2013


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